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About Us
At Eye Level Ecommerce we create and manage, from design to delivery, a full range eCommerce solution. We have partnered with several hundred of the top specialty grocery brands around the world to provide a direct to consumer online shopping experience as well as an retail in-store special order management platform.

The Eye Level Ecommerce solution provides the following:

  • Special Order Platform or online store design that integrates seamlessly with the official website
  • Store and product marketing support
  • Marketing and product merchandising
  • Secure online purchasing experience
  • Quick checkout process
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Fulfillment direct to consumer or store
  • Dedicated customer service team

Special Order and Online store designs provides an "extended shelf" solution for your retail store. Give the option to your customers to remain loyal to your store by providing an online shopping experience and giving them access to thousands of products you don't carry in store.

Find out today how your store can start providing this opportunity to your customers today. Contact a representative at Eye Level today at 800.230.3361
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